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Posted on the 04 February 2015 by #hartchronicles @jewelsjaye


Dear BlogLand,
I’m not proud of it, but I’ve been keeping a secret!

And worse than that, now I’m crawling back to tell you my secret because I need to use you to help calm my nervous energy! –Ok, I’ve confessed now please forgive me!

Here goes…

A few months back, I got “Teacher of the Year” for my school! –Pretty exciting, right? What an honor!


Then, a few weeks ago, I was named one of the 5 finalist for our entire district! — What the frick, right? My cup runneth over!


Which brings us to tonight’s restlessness!

Tomorrow will determine my fate! Shall I be the big Boom Sha-La-La?
Read the full article here!


Well, our wait will soon be over! I’ll keep you posted –Pinky Promise!


Oh… and yesterday I turned 32!



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