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In Re Dean's Time

Posted on the 29 January 2013 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

Earlier today, 30 minutes prior our Midterm exams, our dean held an impromptu general assembly or "Dean's Time" to scold us clarify issues with regard to this year's school elections. Apparently, things have gotten out of hand and the school administration has to meddle in. There have been unfounded allegations against the School of Law, Dean said, which of course he denied.
First of all, I have no interest in school politics, or in elections in general. In fact, I did not vote on last year's elections because I didn't see the need to do so. I was a newbie and I barely knew the people in the tarpaulins hanging on the school corridors. I didn't want to get involved. But things have changed.
It's been a year since my fateful transfer. Now, I am familiar with probably majority of the students in the college of law. I enjoy some of the school perks. And I've decided to finish my degree in this university. So I guess I am qualified to air my side, to engage, without the fear of being expelled or exiled or judged by anyone.
The school elections is held for the student body to choose among the candidates who they think is best to represent their interests. It's about the students, for the students. Whoever wins, whatever party, will and must always bear in mind the needs of the body academically and psychologically. They are elected to serve anyway.
As an opinionated wallflower, I respectfully submit my two cents in re Dean's Time.
It was improper. The assembly was held 30 minutes not just before the midterm exams, but also prior to the elections. I think it was an improper time to call for an assembly vis-a-vis the elections. Dean is the highest authority in the college of law. Though I know that we are capable to think independently, I still believe that he influenced some of us on whom to vote.
It was immature. I believe that the school of law wasn't really the injured party over all the mayhem but men's egos. They saw the allegations as a personal attack so they had to rebut it without being rational about it. Their emotions clouded their rational thinking. They forgot to be a lawyer. They skipped digging into the facts, conducting investigations, verifying evidences and establishing the credibility of the witnesses and jumped immediately into conclusions.
It was uncalled for. To tell the students who disagree with some of the school policies to leave the university, is an undue statement. University of San Jose Recoletos is more than that. I remember when I transferred, Dean required us to attend a sort of counseling and he told us that they value and believe in their students. It made us feel hopeful and needed and loved. But listening to him last night made me ask, who is this man?
The student body was not given the opportunity to be heard. Before Dean expressed his dismay, he immediately proclaimed that there would be no open forum in light of the midterm exams. That it was dean's time. But his remarks were so inviting that questions were needed to be raised. But he didn't give the students, the accused, the witnesses the right to be heard. All of us were left hanging and confused. How can we judge fairly when all we heard was the administration's side? If they wanted to really publicize the issue, they should have allotted time for it, after the elections.
You know what I see? I see people scared of change. That it is possible. That it may disturb the status quo. I feel sorry for the opposing party. I know they mean well. And so does Dean and the school admin. I think everyone, including me, is a victim of dirty politicking. It is just sad that we let hearsay took us over. We forgot what we are studying for. I just wish that it didn't have to go this way, that it didn't happen, because honestly, everything reflects back to our school. And don't get me started on Atty. Jed's case. We all know that ultimately the school's image was at stake on the issue.
Whatever happens, whoever wins, I hope they'd embody true democracy and transparent and independent leadership. I hope that they perform their duties honestly and well. And though relationships have been stained, I hope we could pass through all these and realize that we need each other more than fame and glory that are short-lived. But for what it's worth, Vox's voice has been heard and I think they won already by just that.
I'll be voting for the people I believe in.

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