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In That Distorted Mind

Posted on the 20 December 2011 by Muhammadhazem @MuhammadHazem
In that distorted mindWhatis it that lies in that distorted mind of mine? Will you ever know, will I evershow? Whetheryou area scantily dressed Barbieperching on a dimply lit display or a nun with a lifelong devotion. In eithercase, you’re sexualized, a party girl hopping enticingly on the dance floor ofmy mind. Aslong as my perceptions remain concealed, you shall think of me as your princecharming. 
Throughthe teachings of E-true Hollywood story and hardcore porn, I’ve come to see you asinferior; a one-time shot camera, an unrecyclable bottle. Nevertheless, nevercan I view you as dispensable. You’re a part of my happy equation: the tangiblebelonging that completes my very significant existence. Dress as you may for mymind shall distort severely to be the design program turning your vitreous appearanceinto an obscene one. 


Arespectable girl once grumbled forlornly about how brutal our society hasbecome; about her rights to walk securely with no apprehensions regarding thenext harassment. Did she lose that brilliant mind of hers? And what ecstasywill young men obtain in leaving her wandering peacefully across the lands andstreets of our earth? She reminds them of their in-home sisters, with a gnawinghope that chivalry will dawn in their hearts only to find her words crashingagainst lifeless surfaces. She reminds them of Allah and his teachings only tofind denial speaking on their behalf. So, she strides with a head darting backand forth. Will the wolves haunt the deer? Will she live to die another day? Todie in her core, to longer believe that all of the creatures surrounding herare as wild and hungry as the frothing, teeth-jagged wolves? In her mind, thereare no butterflies, no eye-soothing puppies or kittens; they no longer exist.
 It injures the core of real men and itwickedly entices the hearts of the ill to know that our reality is becomingmore prostituted each and every day. The consequences are horrific andheart-shattering. Exploitation of the heart, soul and body grew rampant andubiquitous. And those who are perceptually healthy and abstain from engaging inobscene jokes and relentless laughter win the label of the conservative, the shy,or the sexually ineligible. The media in general and the just-for-kickspornography watching in specific play a prominent role in unfavorablyredefining the understanding of sex and women in the minds of men, or moreprecisely in the minds of ‘’ males. ‘’ The porn industry is an evil one thattakes sex out of context to toss it onto the house floor, spreading the wordsex like fire in the corners of each  every mind. 

Restoringperceptual integrity needs the assistance of a cleaner external environmentwhere the fact that sex sells is frowned upon. Men need to strain forredemption and women need to stop falling for the romantic blockbusters thatdictate sexual interpretations of beauty and charm. Whether it is stated asbluntly and in-your-face as it is by the Muslim brotherhood or implicitly andgently, the ‘’ the essence of Islam‘’ is the solution. It is disgraceful toknow that Muslims undermine the most important creature Allah has ever created.To know that we pray and adhere with a mental environment smeared with illpictures of porn and soft-core scenes. Isn’t it the time for us to rise vigorously, to fightour addictions and strain to tam that young power of ours to digress and lapse? 

Ifyou have been wallowing willingly in the destructive pleasure of self-indulgencethen what you’ve missed is the pride, dignity, and self-respect that areinspired by being a human of commitment and values. And what makes it less frustratingis that regardless of how things worsen, it can invariably heal to promise acleaner and more securing tomorrow. 
------------------------------------------ ιиѕριяє∂ ву: Our reality and a valuable phone conversation.  

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