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It's Good to Be Home

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Omfgwinnie @omfgwinnie
IT'S GOOD TO BE HOMEIt's only been 4 months since I was back in Manchester, not that long in retrospect, but it's been the longest I've ever been away from home. It was difficult navigating two jobs and hanging out with friends to find the time for a weekend away as I'd always end up convincing myself the extortionate prices of train tickets was not worth the short and stressful duration I'd be home. Honestly I could nip over to anywhere in europe for cheaper than a return virgin trains journey from EUS to MAN. It was obvious the home-sickness near the end of the third month was weighing on me, even the thought of arriving at Euston station all beady eyed with my Pret mac n cheese got me excited. The festive lights in London is incredible and pretty much everyone raves about winter wonderland which BTW is overrated but can be justified if, like me, you aim to make a cameo appearance once a year. It just ISN'T the same compared to the Christmas markets in good old Albert's Sq.
 I hope you all had and continue having a joyous holiday season while I take a seat for the rest of this week waiting for NYE. I'm actually sad the festive season is running its last lap. I didn't realise, until a few nights before I left to go home where I was sat in the living room of my flat amidst the glow of our Christmas tree, how much I will miss the atmosphere, the mulled wine and the homely feeling of fairy lights wherever I go.IT'S GOOD TO BE HOMEjeans, topshop*/ trainers, adidas/ bag, allsaintsIT'S GOOD TO BE HOMEIT'S GOOD TO BE HOME

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