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It's My Birthday & I Have a Blog Altering Announcement!

Posted on the 15 December 2012 by Brittany_tyd @Brittany_TYD
My heart is still breaking for those babies in Connecticut and all of their families. I had scheduled this announcement quite some time ago and struggled with whether or not to proceed. Between today and Monday, neither day would feel right. So I am moving forward as planned while praying deeply and full heartedly for everyone effected. If I could reach out and hug every single one of those sweet kids and their families, I would do it until I could no longer hold my arms up.

It's My Birthday & I have a Blog Altering Announcement!


Today is my birthday.
I am officially 27, and really not thrilled about it. I've noticed more wrinkles and a couple freckles in the past month or so. I've even caught myself turning down deals because I have more responsible things in my budget. Imagine that!! This birthday has me dwelling on where I thought I'd be at 27 and what I thought my life would look like. It wasn't anything like this.
Yet, God is working on me. He's working on my heart. Since the Influence Conference I've felt a nudging by the spirit. A voice that I can confidently say was not my own. An urging to trust in Him and put into his hands something that I love so dearly. This blog life of mine.
I am starting anew. There is a time for everything and a season for everything under the sun.
And with an emotional typing of my fingers I have to tell you: It's time for Three Years Down to go.
I've loved it here. I love this blog. I love all of you. I love what this blog has always represented, but that's the issue. This blog was about waiting for what life would be. This blog was about ME. I don't want it to be about me, and my blogging, and my followers, and my successes and failures anymore. I want to reflect his glory and his faithfulness. He has so faithfully brought me out of the pit I dug myself into this year.
Now, He has shown me where my soul belongs.
I invite you (so desperately invite you) to come along side me in this journey.
with dear, dear love and tears in my eyes,
It's My Birthday & I have a Blog Altering Announcement!

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