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Itchin and a Bitchin!

Posted on the 18 July 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Today started out pretty good... it was only after I got out of bed that it went all downhill. I got my first coffee, sat at the "puter" and started checking my email, waiting for the coffee to kick in so I could head to the bathroom. 
It was during this wait that things started going wrong, the first was the voice I heard coming from the bedroom, "Make me a coffee, I'll get up with you"... DAYUM! It's not that I don't love the woman, but I really look forward to ME time, and that time is around 5:30 in the morning.
Anyway, to keep the peace, I replied, "Yes darlin!". 

I grabbed another coffee mug, flipped the switch on the kettle, and that was when my coffee kicked in, so off I trotted to the bathroom. As I sat there pondering life, I remembered the kettle, and yelled to the wife, "I'm in here, you'll have to make the coffee yourself!" Which she promptly replied, " Naw, it's to early, I'm going back to sleep!" 

This triggered my inner voice, which luckily I kept under control, but it was yelling, Are You Fucking Kidding me? Anyway, I dodged the bullet. She went to sleep, quiet in my kingdom again.

Back at the "puter" I received a message telling me that instead of picking me up at 8 to go to work, the boss would be there between 7 and 7:30. This wasn't a problem so I replied with a, "that's fine, see you then!"

On todays to do list was installing acoustic insulation. I should have wore a friggin hazmat suit. It was hot as the hinges of hell, and the water was just running down our faces and backs. It is a 68 foot long wall, and 20 feet high. It is located in a strip mall, and will eventually be part of a hotty totty rich bitches restaraunt, the kind we never go to. 

By the time we were finished, both of us were scratching, just about tearing the skin off, and the worst part was we weren't even finished for the day. We had 5 doors to install in a gym a guy is opening. He's been aiming for august, but the other contractors he has hired have far too much work to finish to reach that goal.  

So off we went and installed three wooden doors and 3 all metal doors, and dayum they were heavy. All the while, the two of us swaeting and bitching and itching. Two of the wooden doors were too long, so we had to cut a 1/4 inch off them, but we eventually finished. 

So I finally got home, and took the first cold shower I ever have, to ease the itch! It felt great, and I popped the cap on a cold beer and sat at the 'puter" and checked my email, and other sites, and then the voice, "We need a few things at the grocery store, could you go?" 

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I said that in my head, what came out of me was, "Yes dear, in a few minutes!"  

I arrived at the local grocery store, and got the few items she "needed", and I picked up a bag of fresh cherries for her. I asked the lady at the cash register if she give me a price on them first, $6.20. 

I told her that no matter what my wife believes, she can eat a few 100 pounds of cherries, hers isn't going to grow back, which made the man behind me laugh, her too as it turns out, anyway I passed on them and paid for the rest of the items and made my way home. 
So here I sit, typing this to people in cyberspace, I hope your day is going better than mine has.  BB84CBJNBGNM

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