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JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- Healthy Yummy Snack!

Posted on the 14 October 2012 by Ophine @TheJosephine
Nothing beats going through a day without something to chew on, especially when it's healthy and convenient! 

Going on a rough day at work and amassed by piles of paperworks and clinic stuff, I was relieved to receive a box full of awesome yummy treats! I gladly shared it with my workmates and they instantly loved it as well! These yummy chewies are called "JeedJard" -- bite-size chewy tamarind manufactured from fresh sweet tamarind grown in Petchaboon, a province in Thailand famous all over the world for its delicious tamarind.

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- healthy yummy snack!
Traditionally used in cooking and hailed for its healing properties, sweet tamarind, or makahm wahn in Thai, has many nutritional benefits. The edible part of tamarind contains Calcium as well as Vitamins A, B, and C. It also contains Fiber, which helps promote good digestion. Now you can enjoy the flavor and benefits of real tamarind without the hassle of having to crack open shells, picking out which pods are good to eat, and spitting out the seeds–it’s yummy tamarind that’s neater and easier to eat!JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- healthy yummy snack!JeedJard Chewy Tamarind candies are available in three flavors: the original JeedJard Tamarind with Plum has the natural sweet and sour taste enhanced with plum powder; the Jeedjard Tamarind with Spicy Plum will tickle the taste buds of spicy food lovers and the JeedJard Tamarind Stick has the taste of natural tamarind that you love, lightly coated with sugar. JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- healthy yummy snack!Now everyone can taste the awesome yummy treat Jeedjard has to offer since it will be available in our local stores and market!

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- healthy yummy snack!

Even my cat loves it! :)

*******Jeedjard Chewy Tamarind is exclusively distributed by Chokdee Marketing International.For more info, contact +63928-5009822 or email [email protected]Visit their Facebook page: HERE.

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