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Jenga Blocks Game: How to Play and Benefits

Posted on the 30 December 2019 by Amitagulia

Jenga is a popular game which can be played anywhere any time with minimum 2 players. The standard game set consists a set of 54 wooden blocks. The blocks are stacked in sets of three making the tower eighteen blocks high. Each new layers must be rotated 90 degrees along the horizontal axis from the one below it.
Each player takes turn to remove a single block from the tower placing it back on the top. As a thumb rule, the block must not be removed from lowest and highest level of the tower. The players must only use one hand at a time to remove the block and re-stabilizing any block or tower in the middle of the game is not allowed.The game continues till the tower falls. The last player to remove and place a block successfully wins the game.
Jenga is a fun game which can be played by any age group. When we play it at home with the kids, we make the rules slightly easier allowing them to use both hands and re-arranging the tower in between
Here is a video where the little munchkins are playing Jenga.

Benefits of playing Jenga:
Improved Decision-Making SkillsThe player gets to decide which block to take off ensuring that the tower remains steady. Jenga blocks helps it’s players to decide and reap it’s consequences.
Increased Patience LevelQuick or unplanned move has high chances of making the tower topple. The player must be slow and steady while removing the blocks to maintain the balance. Also, there are high chances that the other player takes off the same block you had your eye on for the next move. But then, you can’t do anything about it except move and make another smart move.
Teaches to Plan AheadWhile the player needs to only work about his or her turn to make a move efficiently enough to keep the tower standing, sub-consciously, the players want their tower to stand tall and high. Also, as mentioned in the point above, while the player is taking it’s turn, next players is already deciding it’s next block to be moved. Thus, planning ahead is a crucial part of Jenga game.
Helps to Balance Hand Eye CoordinationJenga not only requires to take the block off, making sure that the
Induces Fine Motor SkillsAll the capabilities described above when combined and learned together form a strong base for amazing motor skills in both adults and kids.
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