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Just Take Me Out and Shoot Me!

Posted on the 06 October 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
  I really am feeling lousy! My ribs still hurt, and now today, my back has decided to malfunction. If I had a gun, I'd take me out to the pasture, and.......... well you get the picture. No, it wouldn't be suicide, it would be a mercy killing! 
  Have you ever had something you really wanted to do, and weren't able to do it? I've been like that for two weeks now. Dayum, talk about feeling old! Then to top it all off, my grandson, Hurricane Braeden, decided he needed a sleepover this weekend. That would be just fine, if there was any sleeping involved, but it usually means, that my wife and I, spoil him rotten, and he's awake till very late, while I'm trying to  vegetate on the sofa, with toothpicks keeping my eyes open!   As I sit here at the "puter" (Braedens word), it is 6am, and he's wide awake! Poppy, what ya doing? Poppy, put cartoons on!, Poppy, wake nanny up, (she's still conveniently asleep) . No, Braeden, that isn't a good idea. We will wait for her to wake up on her own, ok? Why Poppy? Because I want to live for the rest of the weekend! (I didn't say that out loud) What I said was, because Nanny is very tired, and needs the rest!   If you are "lucky" enough to have a grand child, you will find, that they remember things that You say, a lot more than you do yourself. Now you may think that this is a good thing....Oh no it isn't! Especially if you have been foolish enough to say something at the spur of the moment, without thinking it through first! If you have...they WILL remind you.    I made the mistake of telling Braeden, that I was going to buy a balsa wood airplane model, and he and I would build it together....about 5 months ago I told him this. Well bless his heart, didn't he remember it for me! Now you might think, what a nice Poppy you are, that would be great! Nope.......   My last experience with a balsa wood plane wasn't the fun experience it was suppose to be. First, they didn't have the glue, I was use to. The guy at the hobby store, suggested a glue for me though, helpful little asshole that he was. He forgot to mention, that it was very fast drying! I had everything cut out, I had my pins, wax paper, tweezers, etc. all at the ready, and started the glueing process. Have you ever had your fingers, balsa wood, and an instruction sheet, glued to your fingers?   I HAVE! My wife was a great help though............ after she stopped laughing! So I ask you, should I put myself through this again? Better question, Will I? Of course I will, I am Man, I Can do it, also Braeden wants me too, so if you haven't heard from me after awhile, it's probably because there was another glueing accident, and I can't type..................................................  Well, I have to go, and prepare myself for the worse..........

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