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Knit A Chunky Wool Knit Blanket. It Will Keep You From Unravelling …

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

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A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Would you lurve to knit a chunky wool blanket?  Good.  Me too.  I knew I liked you. This blanket can keep you from unravelling, one stitch at a time.

Whaaaa you don’t want to knit a blanket?

No worries, there is other juicy stuff in this blog post for you too.  Skip to the end of the post,  I need your opinion on stuff.  You are my trusted advisor, don’tcha know?  I count on you to give me the straight goods.  Right between the eyeballs.  I need your help, or I will be forced to drink wine in bed this week trying to solve things by my wee self.  Not that I have ever done that.  I have totally done that.

Knitting  Is  Cool  :

It’s called knitting because unwind in knitty paradise was taken.

Why does knitting save your sanity, one stitch at a time?

To tell you the truth, I used to think that knitting was something s.t.u.p.i.d that old farts did.  I was wrong.  No surprise. I’m wrong  a lot sometimes.  Knitting is a sexy indoor sport.  Stamped it.

Want proof of how knitting rocks out loud?   Have you ever knit something for a man?  They adore it.  I did it.  I knit Michael a sweater and bam he married me.  Just like that.  It’s like I drugged him with my knitting prowess.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Lately, I needed a knitting intervention, of sorts.  I didn’t know what to do.  I had some rough days.  I considered other ways to procrastinate ideas to take my mind off of things.  Like face planting a cupcake.  That usually solves problems.  Not this time.

It was going to take a while to Feng Shui the sadness outta me.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

I Considered Hiding

I  Cried  a  River …

I cried a heavy dose of shower crying.  You know its bad when you bawl in the shower.  When our family dog died last week … well, it just tipped me over the Thelma and Louise cliff.  I made you cry last week too with that blog post, didn’t I?  Sorry about that.  Not really.  I suppose we all need a good cry now and again.

I feel better. You ?

How’d I get outta my funk?

I watched six straight hours of BREAKING BAD, followed by eight full on hours of SUITS.  I topped it off with a movie, and had popcorn for dinner for three straight nights in a row.

I knit my way through it all.  

You know what they say when you are going through hell ?  Just keep going.  So I did.  I just happened to be holding knitting needles.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Do  you  know  how  to  knit ?

My Mom taught me how to knit when I was a kid, last week.  Ha.  Really though, it’s no biggie.  The knitting pattern I’m going to share with you is basic.  Really super basic.  Don’t sweat bullets worrying that this might be rocket science.  It’s not.

Here’s what you need to know :

You need to know how to do two stitches to make this chunky wool blanket pattern.  Yup.  Two.  Totally manageable, right?

*  Knit

*  Purl 

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Told ya.


Breezy beautiful you.


A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

You Are A Beauty

Now go get a hold of  ’yer knitting needles … keep calm and carry on.

You’ll be fine Giddy-Up-GoGo-gadget.  You need a safety net every now and again in life.  Knit it !!

This chunky wool blanket pattern is also practically-INSTANT-gratification.  The knitting needles are the size of broomsticks.  That makes for lightening speed fast knitting.   You’ll look down and VOILA, you are done.   Tahhh dahhhh, you’re a rock star.

Chunky  Wool  Blanket  :

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Wool  vs.   Acrylic

Whaaaaa?  Go shopping.  Pick out whatever yarn tickles your fancy.  I looked for chunky, soft yarns.

I chose to have some wool in the blend.  Wool is faboosh if it’s not the itchy wool, don’tcha think?  I didn’t want to make a torture chamber blanket.  I went for the softy-feely-kinda-yarn.

The crappy part about wool is that it can get little balls on it as it wears.  I promise to never say balls, ever again.  Girl Guides honor.  Except maybe here.

NOTE :  Wool blends are more expensive.  Save your moola and skip wool blends if you are saving up for a nice bottle of French wine pony.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Wound  Up  In  A  Ball

I used an Aria wool blend and tripled the yarn allowance.  Yup. Triple.  Basically, hold three strands of yarn together and knit your blanket just like you would if you were using one strand.   Depending on the yarn that you use, you could go with one strand, double or triple.  If you are looking for a chunky look, doubling or tripling the yarn is a good bet.  Do it, dammit.  It looks freaking gorgeous.

Supplies needed :

Yarn :

12-18 balls of yarn depending how long you want your blanket to finish.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket


Needles :

Size 50 US circular 37″ needles.  You could probably get away with shorter circulars too.

Instructions :

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Cast on 40 stitches.

Knit 4 * purl 4 * repeat until the end of the row.

Continue pattern until desired length is reached.

Cast off 40 stitches.

You are done.   You’re so special  :) Now, invite me over.   Let’s celebrate with some liquid fermented grapes antioxidants.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

You Can Do It !!

My {almost finished} blanket is 40 inches wide and 50 inches long.  I have used 12 balls of yarn, but will likely end up using 18 balls.  Oh shit.  That word.  Balls.   My bad.

On my next blanket project, I think I will cast on more stitches and make it a bit wider.  Whatever number you decide to cast on, just remember to make it divisible by 4.

4 knit, 4 purl… and keep on truckin'.

The  Best  Part

It’s a fast knit.   I didn’t calculate how long it took me, because that would have added stress to my stress free knitting.

Don’t know how to knit?  Learn.  This is a great starter project since it is a beginner level and so fast to make.  Don’t let the knitting door stand in your way.  What are you waiting for?  Kick that damn door down and knit.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket

Circular Needles

Dream  a  knitty  dream.

A free chunky wool blanket pattern via @lynneknowlton #knit #knitting #freePattern #chunkywool #blanket


P.S.  Read this … Read this… I need your opinion …

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Oh  la  la … la la… la la…


Talk to me …

 I’m listening …

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