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Koki’s Song by Ruskin Bond

Posted on the 15 September 2021 by Amitagulia
Koki’s Song by Ruskin BondThe Blurb:

Ruskin Bond had his first short story published when he had just left school. Two years later, his first novel, The Room on the Roof, was accepted by a London publisher. On the ship that brought him home to India he met a twelve-year-old girl called Koki, who shared her chocolates with him, having heard that he did not have money for chocolates. He did not see Koki again, but she turns up in his stories from time to time. She doesn't grow old. She is twelve-year-old Koki forever. And if you live close to nature, to flowers, trees, birds and mountain streams, you will remain young, like Koki and Somi. "Over the years, I have written hundreds of stories. And whenever I write a story about children and the creatures of the forest, the years slip away and I am a boy again," says Ruskin Bond.

How The Kids Liked The Book:

This book was read by my elder son and listened to by my younger one. Obviously both had their own reactions to the same.

The elder one loved almost everything about the book. I was surprised that he noticed all the tiny bits of details about nature in the story. He also realized that the book had a lot of new words for him - I was such a proud parent when he took it positively instead of cribbing about not being able to grasp such difficult words. For the first time, he mentioned about the texture of pages and the illustrations too - he loved all of it.

The younger one obviously decided to ignore all the words his elder brother could not understand and was just enjoyed the story. He did mention that he felt that the boy must be so lucky to live in that beautiful p

lace and just had to sit and play music!!! He also noticed that the kiddos shared their things and was quick to mention the same.

Here is the review in kiddo's own words!!! Please show him some love and keep his confidence levels up...

How Did I Like The Book:

I loved the book too! I had no reason to not like it as my children loved it. I also had a smile all through the little story and was day dreaming about all the beautiful vacations we have had. Ruskin Bond's books have this effect of amazement on me. Every time I read him I am left speechless about how such simple language and concepts can do all the wonders in the world.

If someone has a book lover child in the family, I would surely recommend to give it a try for it's raw and breezy story.

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