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Lady in Red: A Collection of Love Poems by Shankar Kashyap

Posted on the 27 May 2019 by Amitagulia
Lady in Red: A Collection of Love poems by Shankar Kashyap
A collection of love poetry like no other. There are forty five poems composed in different formats to suit the mood of the poem - Sonnet, ballad, Ode, Villanelle and Tanka. or those interested in Persian poetry, there are many in the form of Ghazals and Rubaiyat too.
The cover:
The cover page I found a little average and could have been much more attractive and romantic.
About The Book:
As mentioned on the cover page, it is a collection of love poems. There are 45 short poems which includes sonnet, Tanka, Acrostics, Ode, Rubaiyat, Rondeau, Triolet, Minute poem, Ghazal and a few more. The title - “Lady In Red”, is based on one of the poems from the book.
The very fact that these are love poems attracted me to the book. The poems are mostly love struck and depict the feelings of man towards his lady love. The language and choice of words is very simple and that makes the rhyming lines easy to interpret.
Although I am all ears and eyes for love stories, at a certain point, I felt too much of it! The author did added a few poems about betrayal and lost love - but that came towards the end of book. Also, I could very easily spot repetition of thought process, phrases and comparisons all throughout the poems.
Apart from these small hiccups, I feel that it’s a one time light read and definitely a great source to add those little sticky notes to your loved one!
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