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Laser Hair Removal : Diode Version

Posted on the 27 April 2012 by Khristinacarla @khristinacarla

I wasn’t born with hairless legs so I frequently battle with hair using different  techniques. There’s shaving, waxing and veet creams. I had sticked to veet wax through my college days since I hated epilin wax (I got burned during the process) but waxing didn’t gave me the satisfaction I was looking for.

Then I discovered Laser hair removal. I heard it gives long term solution compared to monthly waxing. I researched on how effective it was until I learned that there are many types of Laser that could remove hair. They are; IPL, laser AFT and DIODE.

Through my research some of the famous clinics only offer IPL. IPL is the first version then came along AFT and finally a more advanced “gold” standard version of IPL and AFT : Laser DIODE.

Laser Hair Removal : Diode Version

Skinstation is one of the best clinics that offers all 3 of the Laser Hair Removal services. Visit them at

Laser Hair Removal : Diode Version

What I loved about Laser hair removal is its totally  PAINLESS!

Laser Hair Removal : Diode Version

See the smile on my face? I’m completely satisfied with the result. I only need about 9 sessions and then hair won’t bother me again :)

Email me for Q&A. I’d be glad to help you with those hairy problems :) [email protected]

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