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Last Calls

Posted on the 13 May 2013 by Simplystephanieblog @StephanieKonar

Attention giveaway winner…this is the final call to claim your prize before it goes to the next luckiest person. Please see my previous post if you are just tuning in and have no idea if you won.

On the subject of last calls, I have decided to make a few “life” changes. For starters, I started school last week as the beginning of the end to my current career. After a few more years of schooling, I will be graduating with my second Bachelor’s, this time in nursing. While being back in school for a second Bachelor’s is hardly where I expected to be at 28, it is better than being unemployed or stuck in a dead-end career at 30, which is where I was headed.

Secondly, I’ve adopted a new philosophy. If I don’t like something, I work to change it. If I don’t change it, I no longer have room to complain. If I can’t change it, I work on changing my mentality about it. I refer to it as my mental house cleaning. Out with the old and making room for the new. You know the feeling when you clean out a closet and reorganize it? This kind of feels like that, but on a larger scale. Simply put, I was done with excuses both made by myself and heard by others.

I deactivated my FaceBook account. For a while now I have said I have wanted to and tried limiting my time on it but then justified every time I went on. Honestly, I’m happier not on it. Not that I do not enjoy my friends or hearing about their lives, but my true friends and family know how to get a hold of me and keep in touch. I really don’t need the other 99% of useless tidbits that I inevitably come across or the people who FaceBook stalk to me “keep in touch.” For now, we will see how long it lasts, but it is a start.

Which leads me to my next decision, which is to keep SSBlog up and running. While I have enjoyed my time writing, met some super people, and have accomplished some of my goals through Simply Stephanie Blog, I also feel that it has come to an end. If I do decide to keep going I will be rethinking the direction in which I take, as for the same reason that I have deactivated FaceBook, I have decided to close the book on my personal life stories as well. It’s not you- it’s me.

Checking in and possibly checking out,


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