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Posted on the 09 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Other boys came and went and used the river for fishing or skating, but we six were sworn to the spirit of the stream, and we were friends mainly because of the river. There were the two Hassler boys, Fritz and Otto, sons of the little German tailor. They were the youngest of us ragged boys of ten and twelve, with sunburned hair, weather-stained faces, and pale blue eyes. Otto, the elder, was the best mathematician in school, and clever at his books, but he always dropped out in the spring term as if the river could not get on without him. He and Fritz caught the fat, horned catfish and sold them about the town, and they lived so much in the water that they were as brown and sandy as the river itself.

Catherine De France

The young man turned angrily upon View Image of Page 9 himself. The package must have contained something of value. Why had he not kept it? Was this the sort of thief he would make? He ground his teeth together. There is nothing more maddening than to have morally consented to crime and then lack the nerve force to carry it out.

Yonder Chronicles

"Nobody knows how they got up or when. A hunting party came along once and saw that there was a town up there, and that was all."

Resurgence of the Ku Klux Klan - U-S

On this last Sunday of November, Paul sat all the afternoon on the lowest step of his "stoop," staring into the street, while his sisters, in their rockers, were talking to the minister's daughters next door about how many shirt-waists they had made in the last week, and how many waffles some one had eaten at the last church supper. When the weather was warm, and his father was in a particularly jovial frame of mind, the girls made lemonade, which was always brought out in a red glass pitcher, ornamented with forget-me-nots in blue enamel. This the girls thought very fine, and the neighbors always joked about the suspicious color of the pitcher.

" Agreed to allow UNeMed, UNMC's technology-transfer entity, to become a nonprofit. UNeMed said there are advantages in gaining money from foundations as a nonprofit and in appointing board members. However, a related arm will function as a for-profit entity because there are advantages in doing international business and some consulting work as a for-profit, UNeMed's Michael Dixon said this week.

As we dropped down by the fire again some one asked whether the Mound-Builders were older than the Aztecs. When we once got upon the Mound-Builders we never willingly got away from them, and we were still conjecturing when we heard a loud splash in the water.

When I came home to Sandtown at Christmas time, we skated out to our island and talked over the whole project of the Enchanted Bluff, renewing our resolution to find it.

"O, my God, he was good enough," groaned the man. "I told him everything, and he was good enough. I don't see how either of you can look at me, speak to me, touch me." He shivered under her clasp again as when she had first touched him, and tried weakly to throw her off.

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Cather entered the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in 6896 with her sights set on studying science, though a professor s submitting one of her papers, an essay on Carlyle, to the school newspaper the Nebraska State Journal , caused her to rethink her career plans. She began to write a column for it in dramatic criticism, and also acted in a number of school plays. A year after her graduation in 6895, her love of music and concerts led her to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city of steel and an offer to become editor of a Pittsburgh paper. She was telegraph editor of the Daily Leader , drama critic, and also submitted book reviews. Her journalistic career was now in full swing.

Learning Quotes and Sayings - Quote Garden

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