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Lehengey & Lafdey by Varun T.

Posted on the 14 March 2019 by Amitagulia

Lehengey & Lafdey by Varun T.The Blurb Says:They say that marriages are made in heaven; but weddings, my friend; weddings are executed in hell! After writing three political thrillers, all of which helped me garner a bit of fame and intellectual fanbase, I was convinced that politics is perhaps the most difficult field a man can engage in. But then, matrimony came along and politics suddenly felt like the non-essential elaichi in this Mughlai Biryani called life.
When my ‘loved ones’ subjected me to scenarios unimaginable, when as the groom I had to wait for an hour for my baaraat to arrive, when certain ‘rituals’ scarred me with shame for the rest of my life, I so wanted to give it back to the society! And hence, ‘Lehengey and Lafdey’ was born. 
LnL will raise your ire, tickle your funny bone, and show you everything except what a wedding is supposed to be: a sacred union. In a world filled with romantic novels, where love always wins in the end; patience, perseverance and the insane ability to bear a butt load of crap is required to emerge victorious in the holy war of matrimony. 
Enough talk! Jump right in and witness a whirlpool of emotions, with a cup of masala chai and some fryums on the side. Put your seat belts on, for it is going to get crazy. Welcome to the world of Lehengey and Lafdey!

How I Felt About The Book:
As mentioned by the author Varun Tejwani, he has written political thrillers and had his first attempt at this theme, he stayed away from mystery, thriller etc. The little book is written in first person and the language through the book is very simple.
Indian weddings and the extravaganza they bring along is not new to the world now a days – thanks to the recent famous weddings in past few years. The title and blurb had a lot to offer with the subject chosen. Considering the audience to which the book is targeted, I am a little disappointed with the book. Honestly, I could count more masala and funnier or irritating details from my own wedding which went quite smooth without much drama and hurdles. The author had a lot to offer which I must mention went missing. The narration and plot both went blank somewhere in between the story.
Minus the drama and real fun which Indians are very much aware of, the book was an average one time read and I could fly through the pages – thanks to simple English and relatable instances. It made me go back to my own wedding days and rewind many of the rituals and shopping spree which I did not mind at all.

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