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Let Us Talk About Phone Etiquette

Posted on the 17 December 2013 by Killmenow @lbigfoot

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Today we are going to talk about phone etiquette. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? A blog about dating and relationships discussing phone etiquette, what has one got to do with the other? Wait and see.

Phone etiquette

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Assume that I call you and instead of answering, you decline the call and send me a text message that you cannot talk and will get back to me. Is that OK?

Let us look at what an iPhone is or an Android-based phone for that matter. It is a device that is also a phone. It is used as a GPS, a mail client, a calendar, a notebook, presentations (if you are using a tablet) and even a flashlight. I have actually changed a flat tire using the iPhone as a light.

That being the case, do you know if I received the text message? I may be on my way to meet you and I am using the GPS and I need to talk to you, will I see the text message?

If I am using an earphone and call you or a Bluetooth device, will I see the message? What if I have disabled notifications, as many people have?

Let me be macabre at the moment, what if I have a problem, stuck or something or need to get hold of you, will I see the message? What about a case when I need to put on glasses to read the message?

What if I called you on a Skype, Viber or Google type phone where the actual number is not mine? Or a landline?

There are many cases where you may not get the message. What sticks in your mind is that you do not have time for me. You saw I was calling and declined the call. This is considered very rude. If your phone is on, it means that you are taking calls from some people and not others.

What is the right phone etiquette in business and in the dating scene?

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In business, if I am a potential client, you just lost me, even if you do phone back later. If I am looking for support, what good is it? I will go elsewhere for support!

Now when you get the number of a woman and call her, think how you will feel if she declines your call. Same for a woman! If you have gone out on a date to two and she does not take your call, is that an omen that it is over before it starts? Simple phone etiquette! I can only say that I do not know how my wife would react if I declined a call from her. Would I have to sleep on the couch?

What is the proper phone etiquette in the case when you get a call and cannot answer? Answer is simple! Either activate the telephone’s DND or Do Not Disturb mechanism or let the phone ring. In both cases it will probably go to voice mail. The person on the other side will think that either your phone is off or you are not by your phone. Either they will call back or you will!

Here is a video about one lady’s thoughts on texting.

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