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Letting Go Vs Holding On

Posted on the 24 September 2013 by Rarasaur @rarasaur
Balloon Girl, by Banksy

Balloon Girl, by Banksy

Holding on can be an adventure of faith.


Letting go can be exactly what your heart needs to bloom.


Holding on can allow time for the creation of special moments with your loved ones.


Letting go can create special moments for yourself.


Holding on can buy you the time to make your dreams come true.


Letting go could have been the smarter choice.


Holding on could be destructive.


Letting go could be the pathway to piecing it all together again.


Holding on can be the push the universe needs to help you along.


Letting go can be one of the most transformative and beautiful choices of your life.


Holding on can give legs to your dreams.

Not in the plan, but she makes a lovely ogre.

Not in the plan, but she makes a lovely ogre.

Letting go can direct you to new and better dreams.


Holding on could just be the start of a promise that you’ll break.


Letting go could be an illusion.


Holding on could change the world.


Letting go could change the world.


Obviously, life requires a little of both.  Many times, both options call to me.  Both options have the possibility of greatness and wonder, but you simply can’t do both.



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How do you know when to hold on and when to let go?


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