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Life is a Question Mark

Posted on the 04 October 2013 by Kimtsan @kimtsan0417

Life is a question mark, because it is an everlasting journey of seeking. I don’t ever want it to be a period, although I like comfort and being cozy and settled. To question is to be active. It pushes you to learn, to experiment, to doubt and to think for yourself. I don’t ever want to feel a sense of finality, or to come to the conclusion that: this is my life now. No, I want to constantly reinvent myself, to become smarter, braver, stronger, better, larger than life. I want to wake up each day as something new, something grander, something more beautiful. I want to discover, expand, and evolve. I want to always be a question mark, to always unsettle myself and tip myself over the edge. I want to live my life like an never-ending story, in which there are no ends, only beginnings.

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