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Posted on the 17 February 2014 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani
I wouldn’t say it at first You know how pessimistic we are By Rosenthal, we’re 50% more cursed He’s from an era different and diverse Unknown to our dumb childhood, so bizarre Us, we did not turn out dumb though; we’ve radar From an era, different and diverse
It wouldn’t have made sense to me orTo you, my darling, to have said itWhat if we never see the end to our fall?Yeah. You know things happen to us allThey leave us damp and broken in a pitUnsure and puzzled and alone we sitYeah. Things happen to us all.
I wish though, there was a way to say itWithout saying it in personAnd I think we had found itWith your genius gene, and my creative bit (I love saying this, for some reasonYou understand that, nerdy companion)-Our forces had combined (wink)
But it grows dark and lonely tooWhere our hearts dwell nowIn the place we’ve tucked them in lieuSo the world cannot hurt us anewAnd we grow stronger somehow,Resilient, focused and on the cloudBut it grows dark and lonely too
I learn from the little things you doReminds me of my dad’s attemptAt making his little daughter understand how toDeal with the workings of this world askewAnd you stop and listen with respectMy heart is mending and there are less infectsIt's just those little things you do
And even though I’m afraid of another scoffI am more afraid of not having you in my lifeAnd I think somewhere in between the mending of The millionth and one scratch there wasIt revived, kicked off and able to striveI gave my heart to you in timeWith band-aided scratches thereof

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