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#loveyourbody Challenge

Posted on the 03 January 2014 by Thealyway @DarlingRaquel
I started the Tone it Up "Love Your Body Challenge" yesterday. Karena and Katrina are such inspirations, and their lifestyle is something to look up to. While I'm waiting for SisterT to watch the premier of their show, if it's anything like their website, it is sure to be a hit.
I'm taking their advice, and have started a food & fitness diary. I'm hoping this keeps me accountable. Working out is so much easier during school break. When classes begin, the true test begins.
#loveyourbody Challenge
One of the first challenges is to write down five things you absolutely love about your body.
1. My Eyes for their ability to see and the plethora of makeup techniques to use on them!
2. My Legs for their strength. I've had to move a lot of furniture in my life (both parents like to decorate), and my legs have moved armoires and fridges up and down flights of stairs.
3. My arms for their ability to give hugs.
4. My hands that I use to pet my darling Raquel (cockapoo).
5. My eyebrows; I like the way they frame my face. (Thanks to European Wax Center!)
Cheers to everyone taking part in the #loveyourbody challenge!
Want to learn more. Visit www.toneitup.com
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