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Macs, HP’s and Samsungs.

Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Umkhaloodie

It’s almost that time of year when we start to wonder what the heck we buy for our loved ones! What do you buy for the man that has everything? ;) literally everything ;)
Well, the tablet I bought BoKhalid two xmases ago went kaplunk. Yep. White screen, motherboard failed and well, it’s just easier to buy rather than fix.
Today, I picked up the Samsung Note 10.1 2014 for him, (happy valentine’s baby ;) lol) Samsung are selling them for 210kd 4G. Xcite were selling them a few weeks back for 231kd.
Hunt around because sometimes we think it’s better going to the likes of xcite or eureka but in actual fact, it’s cheaper going directly to the Samsung/Apple stores (if you are an apple fan). We are a bit of a mixture in this house. I have my iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S, iPad 3 and 4 but also have my Samsung note II, not sure which I prefer to be honest. BoKhalid is a bit of an even messier recipe, he loves his BB, I rarely use my BBM these days, just for group chats and to keep up to date with the bloggers and any coffee dates that may come up ;) he’s much more a samsung guy than me.
I was debating this week whether I wanted a mac or another windows laptop but after talking with colleagues, I figured the mac wasn’t really compatible. No PowerPoint which is a must so I opted for an HP. I like HP. Reliable and cost efficient although I may in the near future get myself a mac just for playing on. They cost the bomb but at the end of the day, virus free- well, almost.
I’ve been debating whether to get a new phone or not, my 5 is starting to ‘play up’ and I use it a whole lot more than my 5S. I guess because I have all my music on it. I seriously need to consider getting myself an iPod. Life without music is like leaving the house with no pants. Ahhh, speaking of pants, it must be almost bed time. Enough entertainment for one day. Couple more posts and then I’ll be calling it a night. Bath awaits. How many spelling errors do I have?

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