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Made with Love

Posted on the 04 January 2013 by Skip1957 @skip1957

It doesn't matter what it is your doing, if it's done, or made with love, it's always better. Last night, I had one of those nights. After I got home from work, our grandson, Braeden was there. His father, my son Cory, actually dropped me off home, and came in, (we work together) Cory hasn't been feeling that well, he's been very tired, and we have been so busy as of late, he's mentally tired as well.So, I asked Braeden, if he'd like a sleep over last night. My wife was out in the kitchen at the time, and I hollered out, Honey, Braeden wants a sleep over (she had been baby sitting all day) She says fine, but guess who's going to keep him busy.......YOU!. ok darlin, fine.So, the plan for the night, was to make a pizza. So early in the evening, we started. I got the water and yeast ready, and set it in a bowl, then I got Braeden to get the ingredients we would be using, out of the refrigerator. Green peppers, mushrooms, onions, bacon, and we were good to go. I usually add a lot more, but Braeden doesn't like a lot of what I add!I did all the slicing, and by that time, the yeast was ready for the flour. So I poured a little flour in, and let Braeden stir it too a smooth batter, and then I gradually added more flour. Braeden just stirring away. Finally it came time to knead the dough, or as Braeden calls it, smooshing it! I let him smoosh it for awhile, and then I took over, till it was a fine smooth ball, and we placed it, covered, on top of the refrigerator to rise. (I place it near the back, where the heat from the compressor helps it to rise!)I then got out the cheese grater, and the mozzarella cheese, and showed Braeden how to grate it, without grating any fingers in with the cheese.After the dough had rise, I greased up my faithful old pizza pan, and let Braeden help me spread it even and then let him go crazy with the sauce. He likes a lot of pizza sauce, as do I. Then I got out my herbs and spices, and let him sprinkle everything on, then some onions.... cheese, and the rest of the toppings, till we had a pizza built. Into the oven, and then, he had to make a phone call, before it was done. He had to call Daddy and mommy, and tell them what a good pizza maker he was. He said he'd get poppy to save them each a piece for tomorrow, when they came to pick him up. That was the best pizza I've ever had...... because it truly was made with love!Made with Love

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