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Madeleine Stowe | Hats Off To Weird People

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
Madeleine Stowe | Hats Off To Weird People I love weird people but not any kind of weird people, you know that kind, they're lovely, humble, their laugh is loud and they get easily embarrassed but they're totally sincere and frank about themselves. I like weird people who know they're weird and that makes them less weird than they think they are. Weird people who say they're not weird that's the kind of people you should stay the hell off. What made me write about is the following video with the remarkable Madeleine Stowe, the devious actress from the ABC show Revenge, my 2011-2012 guilty pleasure. I could not get enough of it and for the most of that is Madeleine's blame.  I particularly chose an image from Revenge 'cause she the most amazing and still poker face you'll ever see on television. She has a killer-look. She portrays a character I didn't know I've been missing. 
I was glad and pleasantly surprised to see her off the set of Revenge.

Don't hesitate to watch the show, you'll love to hate her character. On Sundays ABC's Revenge.

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