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…Make Nonsense

Posted on the 02 May 2018 by Zer @the2women

…Make Nonsense

This What to Watch Wednesday, prepare yourself for some more nautical nonsense with Bikini Bottom’s favorite resident — SpongeBob SquarePants.

This eternally optimistic and adorably absorbent leading man leading man has been teaching sharing his light for nearly two decades. And is now, a Tony nominated star.

However, today isn’t about the star of Broadway, it’s about the show that started it all, and all of its silly, sweet, nonsensical stories.

Odds are by this point you either have his ear worm of a theme song stuck in your head. This either: A) fills you with joy or B) is making you cringe.

…Make Nonsense

If you are in the latter group, it may be time to give SquarePants another shot. Or at least re-examine why you find him cringeworthy.

SpongBob is not a show that requires a lot of thought, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t complex.

Buried beneath the goofy greed of Mr. Krabs, the dreams and cynicism of Squidward, the sass and pluckiness of Sandy Cheeks, and the determined laziness of Patrick Star is a reminder that you can find joy in the everyday.

rainbow spongebob GIF

That reminder is, of course, SpongeBob himself. He is optimism in sponge form. He lives and breathes(?) happiness, not because everything is always fine, but because he chooses to see the good.

That’s an attitude the world needs always, but especially now.

…just for fun:


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