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Make-up, Part Two!

Posted on the 11 February 2018 by Skip1957 @skip1957
First, I wanted to say I may have been a little hard on some of the ladies awhile back. I told them if it takes you an hour and a half to put on makeup, you must be ugly. I realize this isn't necessarily true, and was being a smart ass, or dumbass, you can choose. 

 I guess I am just lucky to have a wife of 38, soon to be 39 years, who is beautiful and doesn't need make-up. 

Anyway, that all being said, I've decided to help all those ladies who do need the hour and a half for makeup. I have decided to start a business, and will do a professional make up job. I promise the fees will be low, the quality high. 

I have only need for 3 pieces of equipment. A putty knife, a belt sander, and a box of drywall compound. The painting isn't included, but I will put a coat of primer on for a low fee.

Make-up, Part Two!Make-up, Part Two!If you are so foolish... I mean decide  to become a client of mine, I do know some people who do psychiatric work for a low fee...

For those who are friends, I want you to know that I was bored, and you all know what I can be like when I get bored!


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