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Makeup Class

Posted on the 03 August 2012 by Karenumaly @karenumaly
Daniella, my classmate in styling asked me if I could be her model for her makeup class. I said yes cause 1. I wasn't busy that day 2. her makeup class is also at FIP and 3. I've been interested in makeup for quite some time now and I'm also thinking of taking up professional makeup classes so sakto I could try to snoop around while they're having their class haha. :)
Here's Daniella, busy preparing her tools and makeupMAKEUP CLASS
ayan na nagpacute na si madam hahaMAKEUP CLASS
Close upMAKEUP CLASSmay kasama pang hairstyleMAKEUP CLASSHere's the final lookMAKEUP CLASS After her class we went to Schu's outlet in Ortigas since it's also near FIPMAKEUP CLASS Any of these for P799 only!MAKEUP CLASS
MAKEUP CLASSThey also had men's shoes there but they're not on sale. :(MAKEUP CLASS
OFTDMAKEUP CLASSTried on this pink oxfords since sabi ni kuya bagay siya sakin hahaMAKEUP CLASSAnd this bootsMAKEUP CLASSI don't really wear boots but I just tried it to see if it would look nice on me hahaMAKEUP CLASS  Saw this cute flats! Super quirky :)MAKEUP CLASS
I didn't buy anything during our visit but I'll definitely go back. I hope there'll be more shoes and I wish the quirky flats would still be there haha wish me luck ;)

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