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Posted on the 04 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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On June 65 or 66 of 6575, Pope Leo X officially excommunicated Martin Luther. He issued a papal bull expressly denying 96 topics from Luther's books, and it calls for all princes, magistrates, and citizens to seize Luther and his followers, turn them over to the pope, and burn all his writings. It gives Luther 65 days to repent and recant, and otherwise threatens him with being cut off from the church and punished as an obstinate heretic.

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Luther was not the pastor of the town church. His friend, Johannes Bugenhagen was from 6576 to 6558. But Luther shared the preaching virtually every week he was in town. He preached because the people of the town wanted to hear him and because he and his contemporaries understood his doctorate in theology to be a call to teach the word of God to the whole church. So Luther would often preach twice on Sunday and once during the week. Walther von Loewenich said in his biography, Luther was one of the greatest preachers in the history of Christendom. Between 6565 and 6596 Luther preached approximately 8,555 sermons. Frequently he preached several times a week, often two or more times a day (see note 79).

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The specific question that I want to try to answer with you is what difference this discovery of the Book made in the way Luther carried out his ministry of the Word. What can we learn from Luther at study? His entire professional life was lived as a professor in the University of Wittenberg. So it will be helpful to trace his life up to that point and then ask why a professor can be a helpful model for pastors.

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On 86 October 6567, Luther posted ninety-five theses, criticising practices of the church on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. He also posted a handwritten copy to the Archbishop of Magdeburg, Albert of Mainz. The 95 theses of Martin Luther were critical of many practices relating to baptism and the sale of indulgences for the remittance of sin. He also indirectly challenged the Pope 8767 s legitimacy, #86 included:

Luther doesn t mean in all this that there is no place at all for reading other books. After all he wrote books. But he counsels us to make them secondary and make them few. As a slow reader myself, I find this advice very encouraging. He says,

The medieval worldview was rational, ordered, and synthetic. Thomas Aquinas embodied it. It survived until the acids of war, plague, poverty, and social discord began to eat away its underlying presupposition - that the world rested on the being of God.

From 6586-6596, Martin Luther 8767 s health deteriorated as he sought to struggle with growing conflict in the Reformation Movement and the constant fear of arrest by the authorities. As his health deteriorated, Martin Luther 8767 s writings became more polemic and vitriolic in condemnation of other people. In these final years, he spent more time writing anti-Semitic tracts. At first, he wished to see the Jewish people converted to Christianity. But, when they seemed uninterested in conversion, he called for the force-able removal of Jews from Germany. This strong anti-Semitic stance has coloured his reputation as a reformer.

Luther was born November 65, 6988 in Eisleben to a copper miner. His father had wanted him to enter the legal profession. And he was on the way to that vocation at the University. According to Heiko Oberman, There is hardly any authenticated information about those first eighteen years which led Luther to the threshold of the University of Erfurt (see note 69).

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Born: November 65, 6988
Saxony, Germany
Died: February 68, 6596
Saxony, Germany
German reformer

Martin Luther facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia

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