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Massive Play, Ahem, Mommy Date!

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Thehouseofhuff @Houseofhuff
Our good friend Jen had a bunch of us girls and the kiddos/babies over for a play date, err, momma date, and it was SO much fun! 
I believe there were 13 total kiddos and 12 mommas!  Mia was the oldest at 3 1/2 and the youngest I believe was 5 weeks!
Mia holding Bryce!  She is being so sweet and loving the babies!  Good sign for baby sister. HA!
Mia and Miss Addilyn.  They love each other :)
Of course my lady loved the boy room! HA!
So thankful to have all of these wonderful girls and their precious babies in our lives!

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