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Playing with My Camera

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Thehouseofhuff @Houseofhuff
I’ve had this dag on nice camera for over a year, and I’m just now getting around to messing with all of the settings and shooting in manual mode.  I made it through nursing school, but seriously?  I have like a mental block when it comes to learning all of the lingo of photography.  I LOVE to take pictures and have a pretty sweet subject like my main subject pretty well, but man, I get so confused!
Monkey bars for my favorite little monkey :)
I can read something over and over again, close the article, turn on my camera and go HUH?  What was I supposed to do? What does that mean? Why are my pictures still dark? 
Unfortunately, I am one of those people that I just want to get it. Like instantly.  Also, unfortunately?  I am NOT one of those people that it just comes to.  I just want to be that way!  HA!
I know it takes lots of practice, but my subject, although cute as can be, is also very challenging!
Any tips for me?  (I have Nikon D3100)

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