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Mind the Bump (Vol. 4)

Posted on the 08 September 2011 by Susiemcbeth @susiemcbeth

Mind the bump (Vol. 4)
I am now 34 weeks pregnant and just when I thought Icouldn’t get any bigger – I did! It amazes me that my belly will keep ongrowing. I feel like a house under renovation, and this belly expansion isnowhere near done yet. I have posted a new picture of my bump above. Viva week34! Now that’s what you call real curves.
My babies this week are laying down more baby fat andspending their time listening to what’s happening in the big wild world on theother side of my belly. Their hearing is now fully developed and more than everI need to watch what I am saying. No dropping ‘F’ Bombs or talking aboutpolitics – the ‘ear muffs’ tactic doesn’t quite work yet.
My health is having a little bit of a turn for the worse asmy BP seems to be on the rise again. But I am being monitored closely, so I amsure it will all be fine. It just sucks that this is happening again. Butwhatever happens as long as my little twins are fine, it is all good. They arethe most important thing to me and I will obey to the letter whatever actionsthe doctors and midwifes want me to do. So for the rest of this week I will beresting up Zen-like, I will be so Zen, the feeling of calm will spread to allthose around me (so just to Rob and the dogs, but that’s got to be better thannothing).  My babies are spending their time chilling out and kickingout respectively. I have just eaten a big plate of tuna pasta, so whilst thetuna works its magic and makes them smarter, I am going to put my feet up andwait for Rob to come home and work his pampering magic on me. 

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