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Mock Ebay Listing-These Awesome Mix Tapes I Made For My Ungrateful Ex Girlfriend

Posted on the 11 August 2014 by Jillofalltrades @JillDeTrabajos
This is what it would look like if a loser douchebag had to sell his ex-girlfriend's stuff:
Mock Ebay Listing 1
Mock Ebay Listing 2
For those who can't read the text (it's small):
Mock Ebay Listing 3
*Note* Photo in listing is of actual mix tapes I made as a kid by sitting next to the radio waiting for the song I wanted to come on and hitting RECORD as quickly as possible.  Most of them were tapes of sermons my mom had, and I was like "EMINEM AND BARENAKED LADIES ARE MORE IMPORTANT."
Here are some more pictures:
Tape 1--Made by my cousin.  Basically all the songs on Now That's What I Call Music: 7 plus some extra BBMak for good measure.
Mix Tape 1
Tape 2--Uncle Cracker, Nickelback, Barenaked Ladies, Creed, and BBMak, to name a few.
Mix Tape 2
Tape 3--Vertical Horizon, Michelle Branch, Third Eye Blind, and a recording of ME rapping "Slim Shady," to name a few.
Mix Tape 3
Tape 4--by that point I didn't bother to write down the playlist, and I don't have a cassette player anymore to figure it out.
It should be noted that until 2012 I still had a car with a cassette player in it and did, on occasion, pop these babies in for a little horrible reminiscing.
Someday I'll recover 12-year-old Jill rapping "Slim Shady" just for you guys.  It'll be like Christmas, except far more humiliating.  Especially because I misheard a lot of the words, the dirty ones in particular.
Example: in "Without Me" I thought he was saying "I'm back, I'm on the rack, and ovulating," not "on the rag."  I didn't know "on the rag" was a thing.  But on that note, how can someone be on the rag AND ovulating?  Isn't that impossible, or almost impossible?  Does Eminem know something I don't about my reproductive organs?
Did you guys do anything like this as kids?  Or are all my readers too young/not poor enough to have owned a cassette player and I'm just dating myself?

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