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Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Ram


                                               The Evening News at 8pm

1. The Government has decided to allocate an extra holiday per week for students in schools and colleges in India. This is due to the increase in films in Bollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. Students are unable to catch up with all the movies that are being released every week, and this move was welcomed by all principal’s.

2. Japanese Car companies in India have closed their road test tracks inside the company and have decided to use Chennai city roads and its suburbs for this purpose. Mr.Narita, who represents a major car company from Japan, says that roads in Chennai have the right amount of bumps, pot holes, and speed breakers, that, this road test will be a cost saving exercise for their companies. All their cars will be put to the ultimate endurance test at free of cost.

3. Heroines of tamil cinema are planning to stage a dharna in front of the collectors office next week. The main reason for this was, that most heroes of Kollywood are sporting an unwashed beard. This has caused lot of itching in romantic scenes. Unless they trim it or shave it, they say, the dharna will continue, says Deeksha, the secretary of the Heroines association.

4. Voters in Chennai are planning to import low-cost helicopters for daily travel in and out of the city. Since, lot of rally’s and election campaign meetings are held frequently by one party or another, this has caused lots of hindrances to the common man. Many Bank managers have welcomed this move and are even ready to arrange for helicopter financing.

5. There has been a rush for registration in cooking classes, taught by NRI’s, in Chennai. Since there are new restaurants mushrooming everyday, most housewives have forgotten the art of cooking and are eager to join in these classes to brush up their basics. There was a strong objection to this move by the Hoteliers association, and they are planning to offer a heavy discount on weekdays, says Mr. Kribakaran, its president.

This is the end of the news bulletin.


Disclaimer : News with lots of reel. Read with strong reel sense. Thank You.

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