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Posted on the 20 October 2015 by Sonica Jackson @sonicajackson


Hello Beautiful People!

Before you read my commentary below, please view this video that has been spreading thru the internet like wildfire.

For those of you who don’t have the time to view the video, let me explain:

There’s a woman by the name of Sylvania Nipper that was outraged that her ten-year old daughter got into trouble to the point where her daughter was brought home by the police…in handcuffs. Not only that, her daughter got expelled from school. So Ms. Nipper disciplined her daughter by spanking her. As a result, St. Joseph County assigned a DCS worker to Ms. Nipper’s home to literally view her daughter’s behind to see if there were any bruises and/or marks.

First of all, let me say: I don’t have any children. However, if I did have children, I wouldn’t want to ever hit them unless it was very necessary and it was my last resort. This means that after I have done everything I can to get you in line and you STILL wanna do dumb shit, then you leave me no other choice but to kick your ass. So with that being said, I fully support Ms. Nipper’s decision to physically discipline her child to the fullest. Her child is still alive and she doesn’t have any broken bones and so I imagine that this mother knows what she is doing.

Secondly, the state of Indiana should be ultimately ashamed of themselves for sending a GROWN ASS MAN to look at the ass of a ten-year old girl. Not only is that humiliating to the young girl but it has to be downright sickening for any parent to have to endure that. It’s a good thing that Ms. Nipper didn’t allow him to do such a thing however, I was still outraged by the fact that the county felt the need violate her rights as a parent. There is no excuse for the county to have a mere stranger come into the home of a parent to see if they are “parenting” the right way. My questions to the DCS workers are this:

  1. Do you pay the bills in that house?
  2. Do you feed and cloth that child?
  3. When that child gets sick, are you around?
  4. Are you there to wipe that child’s tears when their feelings are hurt by someone?

If the answers to those questions is ‘no’ then you guys need to take a backseat. In this video, Ms. Nipper made a very valid point when she explained that kids are basically out of control because the parents are not allowed to discipline their children. She is absolutely right because unfortunately, the system has allowed children to have power over the very people that brought them into this world. At any given time, a spoiled brat can pick up the phone and call the authorities for whooping them, even if they deserved it.

A while back, Creflo Dollar went thru a similar situation with this teenaged daughter. Allegedly, she wanted to go to a gathering and he wouldn’t allow it. The argument got heated to the point where he had to restrain her. As a result, she started hitting him and he put the smack-down on her. Unfortunately, he was the one that got arrested for physically disciplining his daughter although that was his right as a parent. 

Here’s my thought about that: If I feel the need to spank my teenaged daughter and that said teenager felt the need to call the authorities on me, that would be the day that that teenager will be living somewhere else. NO CHILD ON THIS EARTH will ever run me or my household so if you feel like you’re grown and that you wanna live your life the without my rules, then get the hell out.  Once they find out that this world is not as warm and pleasant as the house that they were living in, they will be running back home to me.

I said all of that to say this: Children have parents for reason. The parents are there to groom them into respectable human beings that will be able to adapt to the real world once they become an adult. That’s why spankings are necessary. Children were not designed to come into this world to make up their own rules so with that being said, I think that society needs to respect parents such as Ms. Nipper and allow these parents to do what they believe to be beneficial for the upbringing of their child(ren). If not, you will have more and more teenaged pregnancies, the high school drop-out rate will continue to climb and the prisons will remain full. Parents, by all means, continue to do what you need to do to keep your children in line. The system don’t know your child the way that you do and if the system continues to take rights away from parents, children will continue to get out of hand….such as the child in the video below:

Jesus, be a sock full of nickels.


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