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Mr. Majeika and the School Caretaker by Humphrey Carpenter

Posted on the 16 October 2019 by Amitagulia
Mr. Majeika and the School caretaker by Humphrey CarpenterThe Blurb:
When old Mr Jenks retires, St Barty's School advertises for a new caretaker. Unfortunately there's only one applicant - Hamish Bigmore's Uncle Wilf who is just as rude and bad-tempered as Hamish. When Mr Majeika is hurt in an accident it becomes clear that Uncle Wilf is working for the wickedest of witches, Wilhelmina Warlock! It's up to Mr Majeika to work his magic and put things right again.
How the kiddo liked the book:
My son got this book from school library and thus he had no escape finishing it. He completed the book in 4 days.
The kiddo loved the book - which he generally does with all. I could see he was enjoying reading it and only things which made him to put it down was that he is still not comfortable with novels. Thus I had to push him a little.
He found the book really funny and kept calling me once in a while to re-read a few sections. His favorite character was the bad guy - 'Hamish Bigmore' because he was really naughty and ofcourse 'Mr. Majeika' because he did magic.
Below is the review in his own words! Do show some love to boost him up...

How I liked the book:
As a parent, if my child likes the book, I like it too. I read it too and actually had a nice laugh ad smiles all through it. It is divide din seven chapters with each chapter making sure to not let the child get bored and put it don without finishing it.
The language is also very simple for children to understand. Also, there were a few pictures here and there which the kiddo was always looking forward to.
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