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Music That Will Make Your Soul Dance with Joy

Posted on the 29 June 2013 by Somkritya @somkritya

Just a small post to fill your  heart and soul with happiness with a  Cat Forsley creation.Yuppie Yuppie Yaya yaya yay ♥ ♥ ♥

For those who haven’t met this Golden Heart yet, Cat is a Canadian singer/ songwriter/ musician who  thinks – breathes – sleeps – dreams MUSIC  and She Rocks in every thing she does, She is Love, compassion, heart and soul, She is an inspiration …

want to know more-

Click the link below to her site and gift your self an amazingly enriching journey of love and talent


and now the song I have been talking about but first some info-
Cat Forsley and Ashton Price met in September 2012 and decided to start collaborating on a project because of a mutual interest in dreamy, ambient music. They decided to release their music under the band name “As the City Rumbles Underneath”. Ashton Price is an accomplished music producer and writer who has a studio based out of Toronto.

You can also go to the Facebook Page of the Band AS THE CITY RUMBLES UNDERNEATH

by clicking here-

and to follow Ashton Price on Twitter please Click here-

Have a great Weekend Everyone :)

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