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Posted on the 12 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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Her asking for more money demonstrated to the court that she is incapable of providing a stable home for the child. If she can 8767 t provide a stable home for the child with $7,555, then she comes off as irresponsible and not having the child 8767 s best interest at heart. Also, the court feels that it is always in the best interest of the child for both parents to provide for the child financially. The fact that she is forty years old, didn 8767 t raise her first child due to financial instability and now can 8767 t afford to raise this one without an extreme amount of money, looks really bad on her 8767 s what the court looks at.

Self-Reliance essay - Ralph Waldo Emerson Texts

Don 8767 t esteem yourself so high to think that anything you could possibly say matters to me even your wannabe disrespect you 8767 re clearly a fool i never once said you needed to support her u must be lonely has this exchange with me brightened up your dull existence? i sure hope it has clearly you needed it lol

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What I missed was checking in all day with my person, daydreaming about him, and watching TV together at night. There, I 8767 ve said it: I wanted someone to text all day, and watch TV with.

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and vise versa, anytime a woman agrees to have unprotected sex is her consent to get pregger I say they both stupid

So because his performing persona and the music he makes is something you don 8767 t agree with he should not have his child? GTFO with that. You don 8767 t know his wife or how she will love that child soooo ..

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Why though? She 8767 s with her other biological parent. She 8767 s too young to understand these circumstances and I 8767 m sure she 8767 s nothing less than a happy healthy child.

Monica Sue is one very happy lady living in Dearborn, MI. I've been sewing and crafting since childhood. Yes there have been the proverbial cross-stitching, crocheting, knitting, quilting, lampwork, and beading phases. And now after many years of wandering around the isles of just about every craft store on the planet, I am stuck on the symmetry of macramé. It is fiber and math and dimension all rolled into one and I'm smitten with it!

A lot of Black Women say they have the right to tell men no and refuse sex but the same women will turn around and blame a man for her pregnancy. Women chose who to date, fvck and have a baby for. Men chose who to marry. This woman was already a 95 year old baby mama and also lost custody if that child. Chose better or except the results.

Any parent who is getting $7,555 a month plus benefits and still can 8767 t provide a stable home for their kid, is irresponsible.

My-english- - ESL,Essay Writing,Sample Essay

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