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My House Looks Like My Head Feels

Posted on the 08 August 2011 by Lauralevites

My House Looks Like My Head FeelsMy House Looks Like My Head FeelsMy House Looks Like My Head FeelsMy House Looks Like My Head Feels

This is what my house looks like right now, its mocking me…

Someone once walked into my house once and said this, “You’re either a genius or psychologically disturbed.”  Can’t I be both?

Which was funny to me because the said person came to my house because they wanted vicodin.  Really? I wouldn’t judge the dealer.

I haven’t cleaned my house for the past three months because I’ve been busy working. I just got done writing, performing, directing and producing my one woman show, How Did I Get Here?

If I could draw a picture of how my head actually feels it would look like this.

I wish I could give my house an antidepressant and it would magically feel better.  I wish I had a self-cleaning house, like my oven.

I have reached my limit on multitasking.

I am not a social person, but I have been doing everything not to be here.

I get it, my mom told me when you pick something up you either put it or throw it away.  Except my brain doesn’t work that way.  It goes while I am taking my coke can to the recycle bin, lets just check my email, take a phone call, walk the dogs..

The mess begins so small too, but it grows and grows until you have nowhere to step in your apartment.

I hate cleaning.

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