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My Top 10 Best Written Articles.

Posted on the 04 May 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Many of us, bloggers, don't have english as their primary language so writing an article in english may come sometimes as a pretty serious challenge. With every time we're writing an article we're getting better and better, and yet most of time our work is beyond under-appreciated.
I thought making a top 10 best written articles may spice things up and improve the stats of my blog, I'm doing my best and seeing that people I care about are barely noticing me rising above my living circumstances it's a bit frustrating. 
This blog is a personal one, I've invested a lot of time and basically my entire personality in it and it's a big shame that is doesn't have enough publicity (actually I wanted to use another word which at the moment I can't remember). I invite you to read some snippets and if you are going to be curious enough read the entire articles. Keep in mind that the top 10 articles are not put in an order from the less important to the most important one.
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. 1. Lindsay Lohan and other Cancerians.
This is my first article about a celebrity and trust me, Lindsay Lohan is one. There is an expression stating that sometimes "art imitates life", in Lindsy's case life imitated what should've been art. For the last few years I found myself helpless at doing something to help and just kept reading trashy news about her but not once I let them influence my own opinion. It's easy to take shots at somebody rather than looking at yourself in the mirror, your life isn't perfect or so you may think and yet you find yourself pointing so easily at others' lives. Full article.
2. "Happiness is an attitude". Really ?!
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Earlier in the day I was thinking that I lack ideas for new blog posts, well that's not entirely true since I'm writing this one. Considering that very few things happened to me lately I have to get inspired on the little things that social networking offers me. I stumbled upon one's thought that "happiness is an attitude" and well, I wanna prove them wrong. Happiness is an attitude only when you're predisposed to it, only when your life's circumstances allow you to be happy and by your own choice you're not.
Full Article
3. Studying in United Kingdom
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Choosing an university is a step that can be considered a life-changing event, a turning-point, the beginning of the rest of your life. At university you get to choose the path of your life, get unlimited opportunities for the start of your career, get a chance to meet your love, you get to do many things that eventually will shape who you really are. Choosing the right  university and the right course it's not something you get to mess with, you either do it right or don't do it at all. Making wrong choices can screw up your life for many years ahead, mistakes that for some people are simply unaffordable.
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4. Twitter - Do it Right!
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Twitter is a powerful tool for known and popular people, for less known or even unknown people is just another useless way of expressing your thoughts into the universe 'cause from what it looks the universe is the only big thing that listens to you, through Twitter or Facebook, either way. As in the case of a blog and its readers, to have a lot of followers you need to be a public person, with a lot of fake friends, and who does participate to a lot of public events of an economical, social or political nature. To have people express their interest towards your blogger, twitter or facebook products you need to express an interest too, true or fake, 'cause sometimes it may be difficult to read stuff from hundreds of people. Except when you are a guru of some kind and people will follow you blindly in hope for free wisdom if that's the case.
Full Article 5. Inspirational People
My Top 10 Best Written Articles.I thought I would wait for a few days to pass before I scramble another blogger article 'cause after all everything should be about quality and not quantity but I guess I can do it both.
Today we're gonna talk a bit about inspirational people, until today I never thought I'd write about stuff like this but in the name of the greater good I thought people should know about people who not only inspired me but made me smile in tough times. I'm a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres and I watch a lot of her YouTube Channel videos and one of them would introduce to us an amazing person, Joshua Johnson who is giving life a lesson and not the other way around.
Full Article 6. Guide: Best congratulating messages for Birthdays!
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Congratulating your friends with their birthdays may come to you as a problem only in cases when you manage to remember the actual dates. No matter what people say about not carrying if they are or not congratulated on their birthdays they care what happens on their birthdays anyway, they care who calls, what they say and how they say it, but most certainly they care of who did not call, did not say anything, did not care.
And I cal tell, these assumptions were made based on my experience and on what I have been observing for a lifetime now.
Full Article 7. My Music - My Everything!
My Top 10 Best Written Articles. I will start spilling my guts out about music by saying that music has always been a part of my life, ever since I can remember myself. If to create a list of things that made happy in the true sense of the word music has one of top places, even before people, living people, people will always disappoint but not music. Music has been always there for me, in the happy times but especially in the hard and difficult ones. There are not enough words in the whole world to tell how much music means to me.
I've been judged for the music I love but screw you all who don't like me or my favorite music. Besides that I will make the last attempt to explain why you should behave and give a break to those who's playlist you don't like, find them weird or their music or consider them inappropriate to listen that kind of music.
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8. My Discovery Channel - 1st Edition  My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Since I'm spending a lot of time surfing through the Internet I've decided that it will be a good idea to share my recent discoveries worth being read or watched. Some of these discoveries had, have and will have a big impact on humanity whoever or wherever it is.
A few days ago I stumbled upon a documentary yet to hit the cinemas, a documentary like no other, to raise awareness and attention on a problem that has made victims for decades now, a problem that affected us in one way or another. I can't wait for its release and use it as an educational tool to stop the phenomenon of bullying in it s many forms and intensities. Here is the description given by Hirsch, Lee on "This year, over 5 million American kids will be bullied at school, online, on the bus, at home, through their cell phones and on the streets of their towns, making it the most common form of violence young people in this country experience. ...
Full Article 
9. Don't Save It All For Christmas Day My Top 10 Best Written Articles. Tomorrow some people celebrate with their families or friends or both Christmas. For some people it has some religious connotation, for others it's just Christmas, the magic period when you get gifts from your loved ones. It's the period of time when you sit quietly near the fireplace and listen to Christmas songs and restore all the power and energy you lost during the day at work or after dealing with brown nosing relatives.
Use this day to wish and say things that you only on special occasions, words like "I love you", "I cherish you" or "I miss you". It's a special day to give smiles to all people, to those who laugh but especially to those who cry. Don't save it all for Christmas day and give just a little love everyday.  Full Article
10. Favorite TV Shows or Best TV Shows (Part I)
My Top 10 Best Written Articles.Up until now you've known me little, showing you the list of my favorite TV shows will help you shape the image of me a little bit closer to the true one (in case, of course, you want to).
See below a full list of shows I've watched and still watch, with details of their ratings, press and awards.

My Top 10 Best Written Articles.

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1. Grey's Anatomy - been active since 2005, now on its 8th season. The multiple award winning TV show averaged 22 million first season, on second and third season had even bigger ratings. That was about ratings. Now about the plot. It's about five interns, about their struggles to become surgeons, but also about their personal lives. No matter who you are you find yourself related to at least one character. It's not that much about their professional lives as their personal lives and how manage or fail to manage what they face everyday. This show is full of tragedies, not made up but inspired on true stories, by watching and trying to understand you get immunized for similar situations in your own life. But also, you'll come to appreciate its humor. Great acting, great plot lines, great soundtracks.
Full Article
I would include more articles but let's take 10 articles at a time :) Also take a look at Linkwithin below and navigate all you want on my blog, and I'm sure writing a few commentaries won't kill you :)

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