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Newb Frustration

Posted on the 23 April 2013 by Piaiamps

Hey, Blogger. I've so much to tell you but I'm exasperated right now after my 17659th attempt of helping Ke'l Thuzad summon some creature whose name I forgot to take note of. You see, it was only yesterday that I had my fingers on Warcraft again after many months of MIA because I couldn't get through the chapter and I'm furious at everything and everyone today including myself for the same exact reason. WHY. CAN'T. I. WIN. THIS. CHAPTER. WHYYYYYY.
Anyway, my summer classes have officially started last Sunday! Yes, I'm back to Sunday classes. I have yet another unsual class schedule but I don't mind. I have lots of free time. My current frustration, aside from being a Warcraft newb, is that I don't think I'll be able to finish my summer reads. I have 2 pending books to read and one that I'm presently reading. Also, I was hoping to review on bar subjects but I don't I know how to begin, or which to start with. I have a lot of studying to do that I feel like summer is just summer. And I don't understand why I'm such a spendthrift. Maybe I should audit my expenses again? What do you think?
What else. Oh. I am missing my boyfriend. There, I said it. I wish he lives here so we could go somewhere and spend the day throwing rocks at idiots passing by or just dance in the park or at the sidewalks like we use to do. I wanna go to the beach and sit on the gray sand, watch the waves come and go, and maybe play catch or build sandcastles. I wanna spend time with my best-friends like we did last summer. But I know it's almost impossible now because two of my girls are new moms. I'm not sure when I'll ever get the hang of it. It's all sudden and surreal. Well, it would be fun to have two favorite inaanaks.
How is your summer?

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