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Night Rants

Posted on the 06 December 2012 by Piaiamps @pemarikresta

I just came home from Sinangag Station. The whole time that I was walking I was thinking, "please, no surprise attacks. I've just had my dinner and I can barely move with my heavy belly." Yes, it's half past midnight already which is why I was hesitant to go out. It's only been a week since I moved here so I'm not yet that comfortable walking the streets at night. Although I love it because it's the only time that I get to meet few people. There's no rush. There's no chaos. And there's no intense heat. I live near two big schools, Cebu Normal University and Abellana National High School. Everyday it's like that - hot, noisy and crowded. Except for Sundays and holidays of course, which is why I love these days too. I wish my diners in Talamban have branches here. I miss them. They're the only ones I miss from my old place. And the sunshine too. In my old room I had plenty of sunlight. I'd always wake up to the rays of the sun striking directly to my face. Awful, I know. I'm not sure how many times I wished to have a room with no sunshine to wake up to everyday. What do you know, I'm living in it now. I don't want to say I'm enjoying because it has it's own downsides anyway. I mean, I can't literally sleep the whole day. I have work to do. But I'm happy; I still wake up at 6 and go back to sleep after. I've a few complaints about my neighbors, which is not unusual. I hate how every room has a TV set, except mine which was an absolute choice not to have one, and they'd turn the volume up like they own the entire building when in reality they only occupy a few square meters. Like seriously, how loud can small room take? And my room is the widest, and probably the cleanest, well, apparently I only have a few stuff unlike them who'd most likely spend the rest of their lives here. I also have a baby neighbor. Yes, a real baby. But I don't have anything against him/her. She rarely cries (thank goodness), like 5 to 6 times per week! I wish the adults had the courtesy to do same - to stay as quiet as he/she is.
On another note, I realized I have so many things going on this month! I want to post the details here but I'm scared I might jinx it haha. It would be a waste if I blew all the things off. I hope the universe would back me up on these. I wish we didn't have preliminary exams though; totally ruining the merry season. I also have this teacher who always, always points out how great teacher/student he is/was and how stupid (students) we are. I don't want to negatively criticize him but I think every teacher is expected to be great. It must be one of the prerequisites before one can get into this noble profession, right? All I'm saying is, there are a lot of ways to encourage a student to learn. Crushing them ain't one of them. Kebs kebs kebs. 
I haven't cleaned my room since this morning! Will clean up before bedtime. And I have a quiz tomorrow! Oh dear. And my back still hurts, for a week now. :(
Night Rants

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