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Posted on the 26 April 2016 by Nikita Ranga @naughtymogli

My relationship with nights has always been special. Special because they take me to another world. The world where there is no one except you, me and our love. The love which no one can understand. Only you and I can fathom easily. Because our love is not  conjoined with bodies, instead, it is conjoined with our soul. We are in love with each other’s soul. And that is the purity and essence of our  love. Everyone can love, but not everyone can love like us, like you and me.

We both are not physically together, but I can feel you. I can feel you near me, I can feel you pampering me, I can feel you hugging me and saying, ” Darling , I love you till eternity and will be with you no matter what”.

In addition, there is another reason for loving nights. You know what? At that time, I can talk to  you, I can pour my heart in front of you and can empty the bucket of heart that is filled by everyday activities.  I do not have the need to wear any mask as I wear it in daylight in front of the world.

The way you listen to me with  complete engrossment just like the good old days when I used to recite  my day long happenings to you;  the way you love me passionately, the way you hug me and bless me. That kiss of yours on my forehead will always be my lucky charm.The night is the time where only You and I exist and we have no tension about what happens to the world.

Everything in this world can change, but, our love will never change. Our nights will remain same. Sitting beside each other,  listening to each other, loving each other, pampering each other, and most important, correcting me whenever I go a wrong way.

I promise to love you more profoundly with each passing day; no matter how much is the distance, but; nights will always be ours.

You, Me and our Love.

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