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No I Haven't Been Ignoring You!

Posted on the 08 July 2017 by Skip1957 @skip1957
That's a fact... I haven't. Been busy with life stuff, although at times I have to wonder if this is a life. I've even dropped in to some of your blog posts, left a comment and found out later that they didn't post, so I don't know if I screwed up or if Google did, so for now, I'm blaming Google, because it's been known to have brain farts at times. 
So if I commented and you didn't see it, blame Google. 

Once again, our youngest son has found himself in hot water, and although we never expect these things, this was one time I did. The sad part of it all, at least to me, is he expects my wife and myself to pay for his idiotic behavour, and I have no plans on doing so. 

When I fucked up, and I still do from time to time, no one bails me out, and often I am reminded of those fuck ups, over and over. Usually it is my wife, but every so often it will be someone else... It seems no one ever remembers the good, but they sure as hell never forget the bad. 

Today I am going to chillax, I worked hard yesterday,well actually the past week... and it seems old Arthur Itis has come to visit. My shoulders are paining enough that  I could scream. I had a small job I was going to do for a friend today, but I'm just not able to. I'll try to do it tomorrow... I hate putting things off, especially when it comes to good friends, because they are few and far between... 

anyway, hope you all have a great weekend, and don't worry, I will be dropping in on your posts! :)


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