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Now Anyone Can Become Filthy Rich, Just Call 800- Shark Bait

Posted on the 13 August 2013 by Somkritya @somkritya
Yeah right! So I have a plan and instead of doing something about it, like getting rich, I blog….DUH! Davy Jones’ Locker awaits all ye Landlubbers. Read this poem instead. once upon a time in a faraway landlived a pirate, his name, no one knows that,but let’s call him Pegleg McStinky.He wore one eye patch his left hand was a hookand right leg was all woodhis teeth were dark yellow and blackand he would often sing songswrite poems and look up in the skyand ask God why o why why was he all alone in the island,where was the ship,where were his pirate buddies,why were the monkeys in the islandalways attacking him,why did pigs there bite his bum when he tried to sleep,what is a treasureand where was it,and most importantlywhat to do when the stomach growlsday and night ?He died looking for answers and treasure in the island.How sad and scary the story of Pegleg McStinky whose belly not steal or copy this ye Son of a Biscuit Eaters

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