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[October 21]: The Stuff Of Nightmares

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm

Remember the men you arrested,Chained to the walls, Their protesting contested With whips and insults and the heel of your boots?Do you remember those old men?Do you remember those youth?
And the women who screamed, Beating their chests,Coming towards you, fear replaced with distress,Cursing you, branding you, Praying for your deathAs you let loose a stream of bullets in your defense-Remember them as well?
Have you forgotten the childrenWith chattering teeth and nosebleeds,Wounds covered in rags, as they gag with their own fear,Choking with the restriction you placed upon them No breath, no movement,You command their cries into silenceBut they are children, with a little less controlOn their bladders, throats, minds or selves,And they will not be silencedRemember them all?
They are not the stuff of nightmares that will come back to haunt you.They are evidence, sent to the Court before you.-------October Poetry: in the style of April Poetry (U.S. National Poetry Month),U.K’s poetry month is October.  Personal Mission: 31 days, 31 poems. Challenge Accepted.  Link to others:

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