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[October 23]: Made In Karachi

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm

FireBurning, consuming,Turning the fumes intoAn entrapment of air,Looming over suffocatingHeated, flushed facesStuck in between fire-less places,Fighting to save their lungs and their hands,Fighting to keep their souls on this land.The lungs that breathed in the waste of black air,The hands that sow clothes as smooth as their hairs,Producing the garments for different worlds,For those who have proclaimed these sewn cloths as hell bound, And women who ruled them as imprisoning tents to be burnedThe makers were somewhere in between the hells of two extremesThese hypocrites bought them, and paid for their demise;No alarms, no sprinklers, no exits to speak off.Worked for years in the confines of this place:The windows that were grilled with metal wires to keep outThieves, perhaps, and elements of rain,Only served to contain the fires that ragedAnd savagely ravaged the suffocating lossBeyond recognition; beyond the borders of chaos:Survivor jumping through holes created by cranes,Pleading for five names to be saved as wellIt burns through the heart that imagines your pain
May the fires of this hell never touch you again.-------October Poetry: in the style of April Poetry (U.S. National Poetry Month),U.K’s poetry month is October.  Personal Mission: 31 days, 31 poems. Challenge Accepted.  Link to others:

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