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[October 26]: Further, Furthest, Far

Posted on the 28 October 2012 by Sarahkasm @Sarahkasm
The world is full off drifters:

Women who have drifted out into the sea,DownWith pockets full of stonesPeople who have drifted across deserts,Wandering,Wondering who'll be lost to thirstBoys who have drifted in cars Fast,The pedals of death pressed by lifeDreamers-turned-adults who have drifted Away,Towards two-jobs-turned-ArthritisLovers who have driftedApart,After a honeymoon and thirteen year warI know which is hard,And which is harder:If only we could drift in the same direction,If we could drift together,Instead of drifting farApart.

October Poetry: in the style of April Poetry (U.S. National Poetry Month),U.K’s poetry month is October.
Personal Mission: 31 days, 31 poems.
Challenge Accepted.
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