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Ode to the Economics Teacher

Posted on the 09 February 2013 by Chhavivatwani @chhavivatwani

When I saw Mary's prompt on Love (NOT) yesterday, it reminded me of a poem I wrote in my school days. Such fun it was, yet there were some unwanted characters *cough*teachers*cough* without who school life wouldn't have been the same. Finally, I get to share this. *WINK*
Oh thank you dearest teacher
How ever could we have a better preacher?
Not only did you teach us Eco
But also made us each other's foe.
At least you tried to
And you tried hard
But we would not budge
You could never make us part
You cared so much for us
We loved you and we mean it!
You were always a helping hand
When it wasn't needed.
You commented on our ways of life
You said we weren't grown ups
How to keep away from friends
That's what you wanted to show us.
But how mistaken could you be?
You were the best teacher!
How could we ever leave you for friends,
and for your teachings, oh lovely creature??

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