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Off To The Races

Posted on the 08 April 2013 by Piaiamps

I just got off the phone with my mom. She asked me three things. When am I going home. Is my rice cooker still working. Is it true that my bestfriend is pregnant.
It took me a bit by surprise.
Earlier this morning, I texted papa that my rice cooker wasn't working anymore. I thought it was on the female socket but when I plugged it into another outlet, it still didn't work. So I figured that rice cooker was the problem. I didn't notice it at first because I was engrossed by my current summer read.

Off To The Races

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I started My Little Blue Dress also this morning and continue on even after reading bad reviews about it (I hate checking out reviews, I become judgmental). It kind of looks promising, like Angela's Ashes that still tops my Favorite Books List by the way. Love the cover layout though.
Anyway, so while I was reading on the part where the girl was having sex with Davey (sorry for the vulgarity), I saw an incoming call from my mom. I said it's true, that my bestfriend is pregnant. Then she went on lecturing me, or reminding me about the "hazards" of the forbidden word (or act) that we all know as sex. I laughed it off, said goodbye and kept on what I was doing. I then texted my boyfriend about the call and he replied, "ahay, grounded dugang at pagmamahalan." I don't know how to translate it in a language that people across the world would understand, not that everyone cares, but it roughly means that they (our parents) would become stricter to us.
Now this is a topic I am very careful not to touch upon. It's just too sensitive and exhaustive I feel like I need to write a thesis for it. But I'll talk about it in just a dot. I am not against pre-marital sex. To say otherwise would be point-blank hypocrisy. My mother had a daughter out of wedlock, our older sister. Papa also has a son with his former girlfriend. My friends have confessed to me that they do engage in pre-marital sex, though at first they wouldn't spill.
When I told mama about my boyfriend, during our first months, she okay-ed and warned me about pre-marital sex. I instantly relayed her advise to the feller, as what the people in Murbery would call the boyfriend. Ambin and I talked about it, however jokingly, and I made it clear that I would not engage in it. Yes, I still am a virgin and proud, a choice I perceive as wise.
Personally, I believe that people should be free in expressing their feelings and emotions they way they know how, as long as it does not destroy people's relations. The problem, as I see it, is on the irresponsible way of exercising this freedom. My Torts teacher used to tell us, "you can spread your arms to your heart's content just make sure that you won't hit anyone, because when you do, you become responsible for the injury or damage caused by your negligent action." It was so basic and genius that it made so much sense even in the layman's world. You are given this right to enjoy but along with it is the equal social obligation not to transgress other people's rights. I guess what I'm (and probably all of us) saying is, a person may engage in pre-marital sex but he must be ready for its possible consequences. He can have all the satisfaction he wants, married or not, but he has to be accountable for it. You can't satiate your lust and just get away with it.
Yes, I am untouched, a Catholic, not really a pro but not also against pre-marital sex. Nevertheless, this doesn't put me on a higher ground, above everyone else. It doesn't make me a better individual than those who have merely responded to their sexual desires. I even felt excluded one time, being the lone virgin in the group. But when I felt comfortable (spending college in UP would make you, swear), I began asking questions so they would feel that hey, it's alright, you can tell me. I kept their stories to myself (until now) and my respect for them didn't wane. Relationships are more important, I understood. Soon, sex just became a word to me.
There's so much sex in this post. Ugh.

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