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One Flaw In Women

Posted on the 12 April 2012 by Unforgettable
We all are surrounded by them. (Ohhh chuck.. Please don't complain that you aren't) Yes, you are surrounded by them in one or the other form. So, while having an eye on them (I meant the observation part here) I have EUREKOUSLY (originated from the original word Eureka Eureka ;)) found a flaw in women.
As I have grown to understand myself and my own psychological tendencies more I have also noticed some psychological tendencies, pathologies and recently a flaw in women about which I am gonna try to write here.
Well, its not actually a flaw but a tribute to womenhood from our men's side. Soooo what I am going to make you remind of  is, the strength that a woman possesses even in extreme unfavourable circumstances. So, forward it to your wives, girlfriends, sisters, moms and friends to celebrate the essence of being female.
Yeaaa, now you can scream... WE LOVE YOU ;)

Women - the most amazing and adorable creature made by the almighty on this earth having umpteen love filled within her to embrace all her lovables. She loves unconditionally And knows that a hug and kiss can heal a broken heart.
Soooo... People are giving away the awards to women for their achievements and glory. And I being shy in nature am not able to do the same, so i thought to direct my words towards women and conclude that how remarkable they are.
So here are the 7 wonderful qualities that women have which i noticed.
1. Multitasking - She finds the right balance in getting all the things done, be it at home, office, or any other place and taking good enough care of herself while doing it that she doesn't look worn out.
2. Understanding - She is self aware and she knows the taste of the orange just by smelling it. Though she might not show it for the public interest, she is the one who understands everything. No maths can remain unsolved with her.
3. Independence - She doesn't require anyone to fufil her sense of self. She constitutes a complete person regardless of her relationship status. (unlike boys.. Bhai Kab Chalna hai, Saath chalenge! ;))
4. Reliable - A women can be counted on at any time and knows how to take care of problems without any assistance.
5. Kind - They are the most gentle souls sent on the earth who thinks of others before thinking about themselves.
6. Beauty - (Yea, I know I am mentioning it a bit late) Every women is beautiful in her own way. If not, by their structure, they achieve it by their deeds.
7. Miscellaneous - She treats everyone with respect and has no hard feelings attached for anyone. She forgives everyone. 
Women come in every shape, size and color and all of them are wanted by us in various relations with us like mom, sister, friend, wife, daughter which they perform beautifully and just as required. They do every other task assigned to them aesthetically. However, if there is one flaw in women, it's That They Don't Realise Their Worth
And how remarkable they truly are........
Let the beautiful women around you know that how appreciated they are. Lets help each other remember this.
The Writer after has completed writing this post expects that some day, some female fans of him (might or might not be in his applaude) will be writing something for the menhood from where the writer belongs. :D

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